Effective, nonjudgmental therapy for trauma survivors.

Many experiences in life are too big for us to overcome on our own. Some of these might be what anyone would recognize as a trauma, like a domestic violence or an assault. Other experiences that are not traditionally seen as traumatic may still impact us too, like being teased or bullied when you were a kid.

These experiences can stick with us, continuing to affect us long after they’re done.

The impacts of trauma take many different forms.

You may experience nightmares, flashbacks and insomnia. You may feel numb or have difficulty focusing or thinking clearly. Sometimes you might feel on edge, anxious or depressed.

You may feel foggy sometimes, like you’re not “yourself,” or like it’s hard to make decisions because you’re divided inside. It may be difficult to feel safe or build the relationships you really want.

These are some of the symptoms of trauma. They tell us your brain and body have not been able to process what has happened to you. Even if you’ve built a good life for yourself, a part of you is still stuck in “trauma-time,” still reacting to difficult things that happened in the past.

If the negative memory still has a “charge” for you now – if thinking about now is upsetting – then your body is holding onto it as trauma.

I specialize in deep therapy work that gets at the root of your symptoms.

Whether you’re dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation, or the effects of “small t traumas,” these symptoms are very real. They are also very treatable.

I use a combination of techniques to help you manage your symptoms, identify triggers and work with internal confusion or conflict. When you’re ready, I help you process the traumatic memories with EMDR so that they lose their destructive power, letting you focus on the present.

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