Tackling unresolved trauma can feel very intimidating — especially if these are issues you’ve tried to ignore or that seem impossible to change. I understand that.

I offer a comfortable, safe and supportive environment to learn effective coping strategies, understand the root of the problem and work through painful issues to resolve them. My goal is to help you start living the life you really want.

Different people respond to trauma and other difficult events in their own way, so there’s no “right” approach to overcoming those experiences. I draw on a variety of tools in my practice to provide individualized treatment — such as EMDR.

Depending on your specific needs, I can help you to:

  • Develop the skills to handle what life brings, communicate effectively with the people around you and build healthy relationships
  • Listen to your body cues and recognize what they mean
  • Feel more comfortable dealing with your emotions, including anger, anxiety and helplessness
  • Process traumatic memories so they lose their power to hurt you and hold you back
  • Make any necessary changes in your life to break unhealthy patterns

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