7 Ways to Calm Down: Blog Series


7 ways to calm down


Stress, overwhelm, negativity and depression can make regular appearances in our lives. This is especially true if you’ve had previous difficult experiences in your life. Although these feelings may seem unchangeable in the moment,  even at our more stressful or difficult times most of us have the ability to calm ourselves down, if only a little. That ability is like any other skill – the more times you practice it, the easier it becomes.

Every Thursday over the next 7 weeks I will share one way you can strengthen your ability to feel calm and grounded. Some of these might be new to you, others might be good reminders to practice skills you already have. You can think of these as tools in a toolkit – you may tend to use some more than others, but the more you have on hand the better.

The first blog will be this Thursday, focusing on how to create a calm place. A calm place is a great way to connect not only to a feeling of calm, but other positive emotions too. So stay posted.